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Our story, our passion

A strong network of Canadian-Lebanese students and professionals striving for academic and professional excellence as well as the social and economic promotion of Canadian-Lebanese citizens.

In 2001, M. Elie Jean Chaib, then President of the CCICL, formed the “Bursaries Committee”. In 2011, due to the efforts of founders, M. Elie Jean Chaib, Mrs Claude Kayal and M. Fouad Boustany, Me André Dorais as legal advisor and M. Joseph Khoury from Levy Pilotte as accountant adviser, the Foundation was incorporated and obtained a Charity Permit.

Since 2004, more than 100 university students have benefited from the Foundation’s Scholarship program. Thanks to the generosity of countless 

donors, the Fondation has raised over $375,000 in scholarships to help students continue their University studies. Each year, the Fondation honours several students in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cycle of university with a scholarship and an intimate award ceremony.

The mission of the FCCICL is to work with the community to provide financial support to Canadian-Lebanese University students so as to encourage the intellectual and professional development of Canadian-Lebanese citizens.

Members of the Board

Elie Chaib

Souha Azar

Tara-Maria Massaad

Mazen Ghattas

Majed Ghattas

Fadi Atiyeh

Georges Ghrayeb

Élie Massad

Gretta Ghorayeb

Lilianne Nazar

Charles Aboukhaled

The FCCICL plays an important role in the Canadian Lebanese community by organizing events and fundraisers and by helping distinguish students to achieve their dreams.

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