Bringing the Community Together

Education, family and community are strong pillars of the Lebanese culture.

In its mission to promote the cultural, social and economic well-being of Canadian-Lebanese citizens, the FCCICL strives to bring the community together through events that reinforce our cultural values.

Due to reasons beyond our control, we unfortunately have to cancel the Virtual Raffle scheduled for December.

But it’s only time to come!
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Thank you and happy holidays!



Annual Fundraising Brunch

Each year, the FCCICL hosts our annual fundraising brunch which helps the Foundation to raise funds to distribute much-needed scholarships. Last year's brunch was held at Solemer Restaurant in the DIX30 and was attended by more 125 people. The Foundation welcomed Mr. Fadi Ziadé as the President of Honour and guests enjoyed musical entertainment by Jamil. Thanks to all attendees and donors, we raised over $5,000 for scholarships.


Scholarship Ceremony

Each year, the Foundation honours several students in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cycle of university with a scholarship and an intimate award ceremony that is hosted at Montreal's City Hall. This event brings together the Montreal community to honour scholarship and bursary award recipients and the donors who help contribute to academic success of our students and our future leaders.



This year, the FCCICL will be introducing networking to our list of events. Through these events we hope to connect professionals and students alike to create new opportunities for personal and professional development. We will also use the events to raise awareness and funding for our scholarship initiative. The introduction of such events is aligned with our vision to create a strong network of Canadian-Lebanese students and professionals to promote the advancement of our community.

The FCCICL plays an important role in the Canadian Lebanese community by organizing events and fundraisers and by helping distinguish students to achieve their dreams.

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