Bursary Rules & Guidelines

The scholarship is open to all Canadian-Lebanese university students who are registered at a Quebec University who are either Canadian citizens or hold the status of Canadian resident, and who have successfully completed at least the first year of their University program.

To be considered by the FCCICL Bursary Selection Committee, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

List of supporting documents:
  • A statement of purpose (written in French or English) 600 words maximum.
  • A current CV/Resume
  • The Admission Certificate certifying that the student has been accepted by a recognized university in Quebec, to a full-time study program, for the school year for which the scholarship is requested.
  • A copy of transcripts (the unofficial electronic version is accepted) for all years of university studies, completed or not (certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, etc.).
    Official transcripts will only be requested for applicants selected to receive the scholarships.
  • Proof of Lebanese origin (i.e. identity card, place of birth (Lebanon) on the Canadian passport, Lebanese identity documents of the parents … etc.). Otherwise, a justification for the impossibility of providing it.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship (e.g. Canadian passport, Canadian birth certificate, permanent resident card)
  • Complete the ‘Financial Situation’ form (to download the form, click here)
  • Copies of the most recent federal and provincial income tax assessments receipts, as well as copies of income tax returns of the previous year. Additionally, all applicants must provide (1) or (2):
    1. A single applicant must provide the most recent federal and provincial tax assessments received by each parent as well as copies of their income tax returns for the previous year.
    2. A married applicant must submit income tax returns and most recent tax assessments received by the spouse.
Adjudication. To be considered, a candidate must:
  • Have achieved a high grade-point average in the previous year of studies as indicated by the transcript.
  • Clearly demonstrate that financial assistance via a FCCICL bursary would be of direct benefit.
  • Scholarship applications are assessed according to the following selection criteria:
    • Academic excellence (50%)
    • Financial needs (50%)
Please note:
  • All selected winners must attend the award ceremony (this year’s ceremony will be held at the City Hall of Montreal). Failing to attend the ceremony may result in the scholarship being revoked (assessment on a case-by-case basis).
  • The provision of false or misleading information or failure to provide material information will invalidate the application and will result in immediate rejection, or in the revocation of any bursary awarded.
  • lndividuals directly related to members of the board of directors or to the employees of FCCICL are not eligible for the FCCICL bursary.
  • Previous FCCICL scholarship winners cannot re-apply to the bursary program
** All documents sent to the FCCICL will not be returned and shall be destroyed sixty (60) days after receipt. Please refer to our privacy policy for detailed information regarding the collection of information.

The FCCICL plays an important role in the Lebanese-Canadian community by organizing events and fundraising and helping distinguished students to achieve their dreams.

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